Sunday, May 19, 2013

Amsterdam...perverse and suggestive

As I writed in my last post, last weekend I went to Amsterdam... it was the first time in Holland for me and I think I underestimated it... it's definitely a wonderful city! In my opinion the thing that make Amsterdam even more fascinating is the large amount of water courses: it's basically a city on the water and it's really wonderful...there are also massive squares and beautiful open places, but I loved have lunch at the sun at  the Grand Café coffeeshop, on the side of the "grachten"..!
This time too the thing I liked the least was -just for a change :D- the weather: I have seen the sun the first late afternoon only (it will have been for that I liked so much that bar? :) ), but I have to say that Amsterdam has its charm even in the rain!
Yes, it is characterized by water in every sense, it's on the water and under water!
Randomly just earlier I listened to a song of one of my favorite italian singers, Tiziano Ferro, who in the refrain of "Ed ero contentissimo" confirms that!

I show you some pictures I took there...

Isn't it marvelous?

Unfortunately in the flight back Norwich my plane had a problem with the air conditioning and we had to get back to Amsterdam to change the plane...It was the first time it happened to me, and seeing I am not really so relaxed in flight I was just a bit scared..! 
But later I had a safe and quick flight to my new house in Norwich...luckily!:)
See you soon!


Sunday, May 12, 2013

For the rain and the shore...on the side of the sun!

Yesterday I spent the whole evening watching the fashion show of Patrizia Pepe, collection spring-summer 2013...then I went to bed by nervous because I wanted to buy everything!! I love all the collection! Today I show you the garment more suited to today's weather: a wonderful trench, perfect for rainy days or spring evenings...

There are two color versions: I prefer the lighter one but also the blue one would be fine..:)

Isn't it cool?

Anyway never like this year -more so for the rain- I can't wait to go to sea, so to warm up a bit, today I took a look at some proposals for the this fantastic beach bag! A little bit (!) expensive but ideal to look!

To console I did a piercing and changed the nails...!


Sunday, May 5, 2013

Waring Café...more than a coffee shop!

I've finally finished the book "why now is the time to Crush it cash in on your passion", by Gary Vaynerchuk...and I absolutely have to say that it is really interesting...He is a very charismatic guy and with a direct, simple and young language is able to address and capture the attention of people of all ages!
For this reason I recommend this reading to all...Thursday I suggested this book to Sian Lacey, a mature girl who my tutor and I had met in a pleasant location in Norwich: the Waring Cafe in the Warings Furniture is a really really nice bar near the castle, I'd never been and it was a pleasant  discovery! Also it was an interesting and fruitful meeting because the comparison with new people is always enriching and enjoyable!
Norwich last Thursday was very sunny and already my mood starts in the best way.. :D, then this place is very comfortable, peaceful and refined,

and the meeting went well...if interested also visit Sian Lacey's blog, she has mainly the same interests as me! And my tutor in Norwich Richard Patey, beh he is always full of initiatives: his next goal is to write an e-book...and I'm sure that he will do it! Richard is ambitious like me and I have always enjoyed the people who like to test themselves!
Ah, it's May, it's warm (I'm writing from the park!!) and I'm happy...and tomorrow I will travel to Amsterdam!!! I've never visited this city and I'm very curious...I will let you know!
Anyway I didn't forget that I have to study.. :D, but a few days of relaxation is well deserved and recharges the batteries..! I wish you a lovely week!

Ps: meanwhile take a look at some self-timers that I enjoyed to take with my IPhone...hope you like them! :)


Sunday, April 28, 2013

The last effort and...Doctor Sarti!

Hi everyone!

Today I am a little mum doesn't believe me yet but despite the sun and the spring air in Norwich...I have found the time for study! :D Or better, I'm really determined because after five years of university now that I'm at the end of my university career and doing this interesting internship here in Uk...I really want to graduated (fortunately I miss only one test at the end, even if it is the hardest...but I will make it :D ) this year and find a rewarding job!
It would be great for me work in the field of market analysis, quality of services (the best exam I've studied!!), customer life time value and marketing in general... these the most important knowledge I have learned during my university career in Statistical sciences, Economics and Business!
I have to admit that even if I was very young I chose the most suitable field for me and I have learned a lot of interesting things...and it would be great apply them in a job and not only on the books!
In the meantime I feel very young yet and since I was a child I always liked fashion and beauty products and one of my biggest dreams is ever been make a photo book, or a fashion show and so on...I believe enough in myself and I've always loved risk and put myself in the I am very open to various opportunities and experiences!
Meanwhile, I love to live my life to the fullest waiting for some positive surprises...and tomorrow I will study for the exam!!! :D

Friday, April 26, 2013

Liu Jo is always Liu Jo!

Last weekend I went to Italy for a short Italian break and I took advantage of have a look of the fashion shops (have a look means that I occupied all my afternoons.. :) ) particular I liked the new collection of Liu's one of my favorite brands and it never deludes me...I show you just my favorite fashions:

They are all one better than the other!                                                          

As regards the shoes collection I loved this pair very much...needless to say that I would like to buy that as soon as possible!! And I have already thought about all the possible combinations with my dresses :)

Aren't they wonderful?


Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Hi! I show you a music video that I made in Italy just before leaving... the group is an Italian local group and in the video there is also the participation of a famous soubrette, Alessia Merz.
So...have fun and let me know what do you think about!

Group: Stilnovo
Track: Bastardo

And already there are I show you a short film about the nuclear energy in Italy with my participation as well! :)

Un futuro radioso


Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Add me on Twitter!

I just entered on Twitter and desperately need followers!!! :D It's a new challenge for me!
I would like to meet you all!

I'm not used to write because in Italy is still not widespread, as blogs and other social networks in general, but I promise you I will get better!
Thanks! :)